Airports are high-reliability organizations that must perform complex functions and procedures on a daily basis while maintaining a low error rate in order to realize a smooth traveler experience.


Tactical OPS takes care of the instant communication of daily incidents to multiple parties ensuring business continuity. The real time dashboard provides at any time a complete overview of all incoming communication activity and reporting from the organization’s employees providing a platform for their efficient coordination.


Tactical APP enables the mobile employee to report incidents as they happen to the Tactical OPS and other fellow employees.The applications unique feature enable the accurate implementation of protocols when necessary.


Tactical EYE is a tablet application that provides a real time overview of all your team’s communications and workflow activities.

Shopping malls attract millions of customers per year and they have a unique set of daily challenges that need to be addressed consistently to maximize customer experience.

Tactical OPS streamlines communications and operations allowing you

+ to notify and alert multiple employees about an issue instantly
+ make planning of daily tasks a time efficient process
+ ensure your employees and guest safety at all times


Tactical APP provides real-time two-way text & voice communication between employees and the Tactical OPS enabling

+ implementation of protocols when necessary
+ real time updates with regards to daily tasks status


Tactical EYE offers the manager a real time remote overview of all team’s communications and workflow activities directly from a tablet device.

Hotels and resorts thrive to provide an excellent service to their guests on a daily basis and small inefficiencies on standard procedures may have a disproportionate impact to guest satisfaction.

Tactical OPS provides a standardized framework for organizing daily tasks and informing employees about their responsibilities. With its unique real time communication capability employess can be tracked down and instantly instructed about a work order.


Tactical APP ensures employees are up to date with their daily tasks and accountable for their successful delivery.


Tactical EYE offers the manager a real time remote overview of all team’s communications and workflow activities directly from a tablet device.

Live sporting & music events are demanding and intense for all teams involved and public safety is a priority that requires a proper planning and accurate implementation.

Tactical OPS offers a unique real time perspective that enables proper implementation of protocols and automated incident recording so that no critical time is wasted.


Tactical APP allows teams to stay connected at all times and discretely alerted of any incidents or other issues throughout the event. Teams can easily report issues and tracked down when necessary.