Any organization no matter how big or small has an active interest in allocating intelligently its financial resources. Every day operational issues affect organizations having a direct impact in productivity and revenue. Tactical provides an integrated solution that enables organizations to reach their full potential by automating standard operating procedures and simplifying undue time consuming processes.

+ Maximize team potential and gain man-hours
+ Drastically reduce time spent on procedural tasks & regulatory inspections

It is vital for any employer to ensure its employees are safe at the work environment and accountable for their daily responsibilities. During any type of emergency, a critical communication system should reliably send instruction protocols to employees and provide an efficient monitoring tool of operational performance.

+ Ensure that protocols are implemented
+ Track down employee accountability to improve operational procedures

Critical infrastructures such as airports or large public assembly spaces such as stadiums or open spaces demand a high level of situational awareness by managers and employees at all times. Seamless and discreet communications are critical to efficiently mobilize teams and respond to incidents however minor or major.

+ Notify & alert instantly any number of teams
+ Trust Tactical for routine and critical communications

Large facilities such as airports, shopping malls and stadiums require a number of tasks to be performed by employees on a daily basis. These tasks can be maintenance checks, other work orders or routine facility patrols. The paperwork that is needed to keep these processes going 24/7 for 365 days a year is inefficient and often leads to confusion and wasted man-hours.

+ Go digital, forget scanning & emailing of checklists and workorders
+ Produce daily reports with a click of a button